Elegant Evening at the Mitchell's

| The Historic Mitchell Home - 2600 Richview Road, Mt. Vernon | 6:00 pm

Hosts: Bill & Barbara Beck | Hunt & Donna Bonan | Michael & Tami Kroeschen | $125 per person Limit 18 guests

Museum founders John and Eleanor Mitchell were known for their elegant dinner parties. Join us in the Mitchell House to enjoy an evening reminiscent of their extraordinary hospitality.  Valet service will greet you upon arrival. Come inside the vintage home and enjoy classic cocktails while you sample hors d’oeuvres on the back patio. Then move inside for an intimate four-course dinner while live music serenades in the background. This classic experience is one you won’t forget.

Cocktail attire. 

Purchase tickets online or call (618) 242-1236 ext. 225 | vonda@cedarhurst.org

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