Twining Sampler

| Shrode Art Center

Saturday, November 16 | 10:30 am - 4:30 pm | Class Fee: $40 + $5 Material Fee | Instructor: Darcy Holtgrave

Does it twine? The twining technique can be used with a wide variety of materials, but how will it actually behave? How much stretch does it have? What happens when you put two very different materials next to each other? This class, great for beginner and experienced twiners alike, will explore these questions. In the end you'll have a sampler to refer to for future projects. We'll have common fibers available, like yarn, jute, felt and fabric, as well as experimental upcycled materials like hosiery, baling twine and mesh product bags. This is also a great oportunity to use up your odds-and-ends stash - feel free to bring leftovers from finished fiber projects! 

Material Fee: $5 (waived if you bring creative material to share!) covers class loom use and enough upcycled fabric to complete the project. (10" x 10" looms may be available for purchase or order after the class for $20.)

Cedarhurst Members enjoy a 10% discount on class fees!  •  Register for class: (618) 242-1236 ext. 248 or 249 |