kimball's habitat

Cedarhurst is excited to introduce Kimball’s Habitat, our new fundraising campaign that looks outside the museum and focuses on Cedarhurst's first impression. 

Named after the museum’s iconic horse sculpture, named Kimball, the project will revitalize the outdoor sculpture park with conservation efforts, lighting enhancements, and new visitor services. 

One of the most important cultural institutions in southern Illinois, Cedarhurst's 90-acre park provides a beautiful setting for art and quality-of-life programming that have the potential to touch all who live and work in the region.

The success of this $250,000 campaign will preserve the longevity of Cedarhurst’s outdoor sculpture collection and ensure that all visitors feel welcome and enjoy their museum experience:
• Conservation efforts will revitalize the museum’s outdoor sculpture collection
• Treatment of wooded areas will help balance the park’s ecosystem
• New lighting features will address safety concerns and improve aesthetics
• New amenities and educational opportunities will encourage visitors to stay longer and return often
You can help preserve Kimball's Habitat, and allow future generations to connect through art and nature at Cedarhurst. #SupportKimballsHabitat

Accept the Challenge!

Don’t miss the opportunity to double your impact by making a donation to the Kimball’s Habitat campaign this summer.

Withers Broadcasting Companies has generously agreed to match all donations made between Memorial Day and Labor Day - up to $25,000.

This summer-long match opportunity is funded by Withers Broadcasting Companies to help Cedarhurst jump-start the $250,000 Kimball's Habitat campaign. The match program emphasizes that fact that every donation - every single dollar - can help make a difference.

We have created a Facebook event and set up a YouCaring fundraiser to track the progress - follow them for up-to-date details!

Each week this summer, we will be posting a short video message from someone in our community that tells why they love the Cedarhurst sculpture park and why it’s important to southern Illinois. We hope their stories – combined with Withers’ match incentive – will inspire you to give! #SupportKimballsHabitat

You can help protect the art and nature that live at Cedarhurst by donating to the Kimball’s Habitat campaign, and you can make double the impact with a donation right now! Give here on our website or through the YouCaring fundraiser.

For complete details, watch our campaign video and click through the brochure below.

You can help preserve Kimball's Habitat, and allow future generations to connect through art and nature at Cedarhurst. 

For complete campaign details, click through the brochure below.  #SupportKimballsHabitat

PDF Download: 

Kimball's Habitat Brochure Kimball's Habitat Brochure (6585 KB)