Goldman-Kuenz Sculpture Park

The Goldman-Kuenz Sculpture Park opened in 1993. Today, we are one of the premier destinations for large-scale outdoor sculpture in the Midwest. We currently feature 73 sculptures establishing the sculpture park as one of the largest in the Midwest.

Thoughtfully placed throughout the park's 80 acres, we feature artists of international stature, including many local and regional artists. Some of the featured artists are John Kearney, Fletcher Benton, Alexander Lieberman, Chakaia Booker, Bob Emser, Deborah Masuoka, Tom Orr, Harry Gordon, Patrick McDonald, and Josh Garber.

In 1983, Cedarhurst commissioned its first outdoor sculpture, Cedarhurst One by Robert Youngman. The pale white, rectilinear column is suggestive of an archaeological sample and marks the entrance to the park, museum, and art center. In 1994, Cedarhurst commissioned Kimball by Chicago sculptor John Kearney. Constructed from obsolete automobile bumpers, Kimball the horse, has become an icon of the arts center and a visitor favorite.

The mission of the Goldman-Kuenz Sculpture Park is to promote an understanding and appreciation of contemporary sculpture for all people. The Goldman-Kuenz Sculpture Park presents the work of well-respected, career artists, as well as emerging sculptors. The sculpture park offers our communities and visitors an immersive art experience and the sculptures represent a variety of styles and media, including bronze, steel, stone, wood, concrete and mixed media.

View the Sculpture Park Photo Album on our Facebook page that contains 200+ sculpture images!  

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The Goldman-Kuenz Sculpture Park can be explored from anywhere using the Interactive GPS Map. The map features over 70 sculptures (identified with a numbered circle) that reside within the 80 acre campus. Clicking on a numbered circle will open an information screen that provides details about the artist, the sculpture, a full sized image, and the materials used. Each information page also contains an embedded audio recording if you'd prefer to listen along!



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As you walk the Sculpture Park, enjoy the art and nature, get your "steps" in for the day, and challenge yourself to find the items on the Seek & Find Activity!


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