As the year winds down we are reminded of life's most precious gift, Time

Before 2019 comes to a close, we encourage you to take time to visit Cedarhurst. Take a walk in the beautiful sculpture park, challenge yourself with thought-provoking art exhibitions, find joy with your little ones at our family programs, and enjoy the upcoming holiday fun. 

Here at Cedarhurst, we are taking time for change. In 2019 we welcomed a new executive director, enhanced the safety of our grounds, and relocated the Permanent Collection to showcase ore artworks and better tell the stories of the Cedarhurst collections. So far this year, more than 50,000 people have been touched by museum programs that excite, challenge, and inspire. We are grateful for your support in these endeavors and of this organization that enriches our wonderful community.

What will you take time for before this year ends?
       time to reflect?    … time to create?        … time to give?

We remind you to take time for the things that matter and encourage you to consider making a gift to Cedarhurst. #GivingTuesday is just around the corner, and all donations to Cedarhurst are 100% tax deductible.  
Take time to make a difference.

See Corporate Support or Membership Support for more details. 

Every dollar matters to Cedarhurst

Here are just a few examples of what your donation – big or small - can do for our annual programs:


  • Buys one container of Museum Wax, a special archival wax used to secure fragile art objects to a display pedestal
  • Buys 1 pack of twistable colored pencils for the Family Education Center
  • Buys toilet paper for museum visitors


  • Buys books for one of Cedarhurst’s monthly Story Time programs
  • Buys hardware for an artist to install a new piece of work
  • Buys one weatherproof sculpture park label


  • Pays for 1 Shrode Art Center class scholarship. Scholarships are awarded (when available) to children whose families cannot afford the nominal class fees
  • Buys 5 new tablecloths for special events and facility rentals
  • Buys 1 roll of conservation tape, a special archival tape used to hinge fine art prints, books, or photo mounting



  • Buys a set of exhibition labels for one of the museum’s temporary exhibits, usually 20 per year
  • Pays for one weekly music act during the museum’s Thursday Night Live summer series
  • Buys 1 weed trimmer used to keep Cedarhurst’s 80-acre campus well-manicured


  • Buys 500 teaching posters distributed to area schools to help teachers incorporate art lessons
  • Purchases materials to build 5 new pedestals for artwork display
  • Pays judge’s honorarium for one art competition


  • Pays for 1 artist residency with area schools
  • Pays for grass seed to recover the grounds after the annual Cedarhurst Art and Craft Fair
  • Pays shipping to return borrowed artwork